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about us

wire-frame is a fine art publisher and provider of web and print solutions for artists and galleries, with a range of services from web design to social media and giclée printing. A few examples are given below, and there's more information on our « web design » page, so if you'd like to discuss your requirements with us then please do « contact us »

promote your website

A website is of little use if no one knows it's there, so it's essential that people can find it easily using search engines such as Google, links from other websites, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But this doesn't happen automatically. A website's content must be optimized for search engines, and it needs to be actively promoted. Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords can all bring many more visitors to your website, so we can set these up and either manage them for you or show you how to use them and then be on hand if you need us. We can add some plugins to your website too, so visitors can 'like' or 'tweet' directly from your site and thus drive even more traffic to it.

make your website work for you

Once your website has an audience it can start to work for you. Visitors can use the 'contact us' page to join your mailing list or enquire about buying artworks, and they can purchase giclée prints with a couple of clicks and a payment card. As a publisher of « giclée prints » we can do this for you, from image capture and colour matching to proofing, printing, selling on your website, and even processing your orders.

gain insights and grow your audience

How many visitors does your website receive and how much time do they spend on it? Where do they arrive from – Google, Facebook, Wikipedia? – and which pages do they view? Do your tweets translate into visits, is Facebook having the desired effect? The answers to questions such as these can guide your strategy and help you to grow your audience. The websites we create use « Google Analytics » so all this information and more is available. We can show you how to access it or provide you with a summary and month-by-month trends, keyword suggestions, and other recommendations.


Our « fine art prints » page offers an exclusive range of collectible art by Penguin Books former art director David Pelham, acclaimed sf author Brian Aldiss and artists Oliver Bevan, Tony Roberts and Brigid Marlin, plus classic cover art by Faber & Faber's former art director Berthold Wolpe.

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