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A beautiful frame won't sell a painting but it can help, and so can an attractive website, because it's what the world sees of you and first impressions count. A gallery displays its art in clean uncluttered spaces, and so do the websites we create which look great and work great. Art should not be compromised by buttons, backgrounds, text and links which should, in a sense, be 'there but not there'. So we take the view that less is more which, put simply, means beautiful, bulletproof, low-cost websites.

ten reasons for choosing wire-frame

1. Just tell us what you want. This can be as simple as 'a website' or as detailed as a full specification. We will then design, build and launch your website, and we'll check with you at every stage.

2. Your website will be built to work with different computers, operating systems, screen displays, web browsers and other settings that can change the way your website looks, or even break it, if it's not designed with these factors in mind.

the David Inshaw website and online gallery

click the image to visit the David
Inshaw website and online gallery,
designed and built by wire-frame

3. Your website will be custom built and its images optimized for the web so that pages load quickly and visitors to your website are not kept waiting.

4. A lightbox comes pre-installed so art can be enlarged and elegantly displayed. To see the lightbox in action please « click here »

5. Your website will include a 'contact us' page where visitors can enquire about artworks and join your mailing list. If you'd like us to manage your mailing list then that's fine too.

6. Your website will be optimized for search engines such as Google which use the content of your site to decide how high to place it in their search results.

7. Your website will be tested against industry standards on all the major web browsers.

8. Our post-launch support includes search engine submissions, visitor statistics, hosting and domain name renewals, routine maintenance, and any updates you require.

9. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords can bring many more visitors to your website, so we can set these up and either manage them for you or show you how to use them and then be on hand if you need us.

10. Our giclée printmaking completes the picture with a range of options from image capture and colour matching to proofing, printing, selling on your website, and even processing your orders.